Radeon 8500 vs. Ti500 - Overclocked Graphics

Unreal Tournament - DirectX 7 Game

Although Unreal Tournament is a comparatively old game, Epic regularly updates the game engine, keeping it current. Besides, the 3D engine can also be found in other games, such as Deus Ex and Rune.

The Windows XP R8500 results should not be given too much weight. Even though V-Sync was disabled, the WinXP drivers refused to accept this setting in the game. The test only ran without V-Sync in 1280x1024. As before, this problem did not occur in Windows 98. Once again, the performance lay below that of comparable Nvidia boards, albeit only marginally. This is typical for UT, which is limited more by the CPU/System than by the graphics card.

Another thing that struck me as odd was that the R8500 was actually slower than its older sibling and was only able to pass it starting at 1600x1200.