Radeon 8500 vs. Ti500 - Overclocked Graphics

RADEON 8500 Performance Check

ATI managed to do a good job of getting the excitement level up for its Radeon this past summer. The company released one white-paper after another teasing the graphics-loving community with evermore tantalizing morsels of information. All in all, it looked like there was good reason to hope that Nvidia would get some serious competition for the performance crown it held on to so tightly for so long.

Then, suddenly, it arrived - the Radeon 8500. Too suddenly for my taste. The review samples were made available to testers on a Monday, with a suggested publication date of Tuesday. Less than 24 hours time to get at least a half-way decent first review out the door. Almost impossible. Almost. But who needs sleep? ;-)

Well, time for another benchmark view, and this time we are going to concentrate solely on an Athlon platform comparison. The latest and greatest platform setups are cool, but a lot of readers like to see how these monsters of graphics perform on the systems out in the field: You can check out ATi's Radeon 8500 Is Final Or Something Like That ... for our original review of the Radeon 8500, including the benchmarks on a P4 system.