Raising PC Audio Standards To Hi-Fi Levels: Audiotrak Maya 7.1 Gold and CARDamp

The Maya 7.1 Gold: A First Class Sound Board, Continued

Here you can see the back side of the Maya 7.1 Gold with its various connectors. Each 1/8" minijacket is a stereo connector (for two channels each). You have a total of eight analog outputs and two analog inputs plus a microphone input. At the right side you can see the digital (optical) output - still covered by the cap protecting it. This digital output can of course be used to loop any DTS/AC3 signal to Dolby Digital and/or DTS devices (5.1 or 6.1). Don't worry if you don't have optical inputs at your receiver or amplifier: The Maya 7.1 also comes with a coaxial TOSLINK output which is placed on the sound board. You will have to make use of a small adapter module in order to have that output accessible from the back of your computer. Audiotrak is currently working on this module which should be available soon for below $30.

Reading the technical specifications (see the link below) you will see that Maya 7.1 is trimmed for high quality output rather than input - the input AD converter works at 18 Bits, while the DA converter for output is a 20 Bits type.

Here's the connector "panel" which is placed on the upper side of the Maya 7.1 Gold. There are the CD and AUX line-ins, digital line in and out (for AC3/DTS use as explained before).