Raising PC Audio Standards To Hi-Fi Levels: Audiotrak Maya 7.1 Gold and CARDamp

CARDamp: Change Your Computer Into A Stereo!

Some of you may ask, what's this for? Simple. The CARDamp will add the features of a small amplifier to your computer. Simply install it into any free slot (it won't use a PCI slot, it just needs an empty slot, attach the power cable (standard 5.25" power plug from your power supply) and connect the line-out of your sound card (Maya 7.1 Gold or any other model) with the cinch line-in of the CARDamp. Now, you only need two hi-fi speakers. A pair of cables (2m each) are included.

In addition, you will get a short manual plus installation instructions as well as a y-cable to attach the CARDamp to your power supply. Though the amplifier "only" provides 2x 20 Watts, Audiotrak recommends a power supply with at least 300 W.

That's the amplifier board. The upper two connectors are for cinch input, the lower two for speaker output (left, right).