Real Gentlemen: Budget IDE Hard Drives

Western Digital WD600AB

Without the label, you could not possibly distinguish the 600AB from other actual WD drives.

The Western Digital 600AB has already been available for some time. That may be the reason for its low price: While the Maxtor and Seagate drives cost around $ 150, the Western Digital can sometimes be purchased for less than $ 130.

The Business and Highend Disk WinMarks are excellent tools for determing the performance of a hard drive with real applications. This is where Western Digital's strength lies, rather than in the area of data transfer speed.

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Western Digital 600AB
Capacity30 GB (WD300AB), 1 Platter40 GB (WD400AB), 1 Platter60 GB (WD600AB), 2 Platters80 GB (WD800AB), 2 Platters
Rotation Speed5,400 rpm
Average Seek Time9.5 ms
Cache Memory2048 kB
Warranty3 Years

Though the bottom is not directly protected, Western Digital puts the ICs on the upper side of the PCB.

The bottom of the drive is not directly protected, so Western Digital puts the ICs on the upper side of the PCB

For more information about this drive, please go to the Western Digital website .