The Resurrection: Pentium III 1.4 GHz on Slot-1 Motherboards

PowerLeap IP3/T: Installing The Processor

There's not really much that could go wrong. After opening the metal retention lever, the processor can easily be inserted into the socket. Be careful to ensure the correct orientation of the pins.

Last but not least, we are left with the installation of the cooler. This is a slightly difficult task, since the retention mechanism sits very tight and requires a certain amount of force to be attached. Proceed with caution, though, and don't bend any of the components out of the way (see capacitors in the picture). Using tools like pliers can be a great help, as long as you don't slip...

Our HSF-CPU-adapter sandwich is even smaller than a regular Slot-1 CPU with its cooler. If you're planning to use it in dual-processor systems, make sure there is enough room - dual systems tend to be more cramped, so measure carefully.