Review of the Matrox G400 MAX

DirectX Performance

Looking at the DirectX results below, the G400 MAX holds it's own against the tough competition from both the TNT2 and Voodoo3. Even when matched up with AMD's processors the G400 MAX does quite well. The 32 bit DirectX testing shows the G400 MAX leading the pack.

DirectX Performance - Shogo Results

NOTE: In all Shogo testing the Voodoo3 was unable to run Shogo correctly at 1600x1200.

At low to medium resolutions the G400 MAX does pretty good against these top-notch cards. At the higher resolutions you can see the G400 MAX run neck in neck with the fastest TNT2.

Once again the G400 MAX runs a close race with the fastest card and almost matches the performance of the TNT2 @ 1600x1200x16bpp.

It seems that the G400 MAX is losing some ground at the lower resolutions as the CPU power drops. It still does quite well at high resolutions! the PII and P!!!.

All three cards boast "3DNow!" optimizations and it seems that Matrox has done a decent job since it keeps its solid scores throughout the tests.

Looks like the G400 MAX is starving for some more CPU power at the lower resolutions with the K6-2 400 MHz. Once the resolutions get past 1152x864x16bpp the G400 MAX approaches the performance of the fastest TNT2 board.