Review of the Matrox G400 MAX

Slave Zero Screen Captures

Below you can see two screenshots of a scene in Slave Zero with bump mapping enabled on a G400 MAX (hardware) and a TNT2 (software). The TNT2 shows us what can be done through software on a nice video card right now, without hardware support. The surface of the armor is a good place to look closely at to compare the two pictures. The TNT2 shows impressive visual quality and the bump mapping does enhance the appearance of the model but you can notice that the lighting on the bumped surface isn't very realistic. However, if you look at the G400 MAX picture, you will notice that the armor is even superior to that of the TNT2. The G400 MAX doesn't just look like it has been embossed through software but actually appears to have a more realistic bumped surfaces and better shading/lighting effects. Instead of having the typical synthetic flat/shiny look, it provides an accurate natural image.

NVIDIA TNT2 Ultra - with Software Bump Mapping

Matrox G400 MAX - with Environmental Bump Mapping