Review of the Matrox G400 MAX

DirectX Performance - Expendable Demo 32 Bit

This chart is pretty clear cut in showing the G400 MAX in the commanding lead. The G400 MAX takes advantage of the efficient 32 bit color/16bit Z-buffer mode and speeds past the TNT2 (that is held back by the 32 bit color/32 bit Z-buffer mode).

Here we see the G400 MAX retain its marginal lead over the TNT2.

Interestingly enough, the performance of the G400 MAX drops drastically as the CPU performance decreases. Pairing the G400 MAX with a speedy processor is a must if you expect top-notch performance from the card.

As we expected, the G400 MAX drops it's position due to the slower performing CPU.

The G400 MAX is still doing fairly well even with the slowest processor in 32 bit color. At this point the CPU seems to be hindering both cards.