Review of the Matrox G400 MAX

GL Performance - Quake II CRUSHER.DM2 (32 Bit)

With the biggest baddest CPU in the line-up, this time around the G400 MAX isn't looking so hot. Even at high resolution and 32 bit color, it's still not as far ahead as we expected.

As we drop to the next CPU, the performance of the G400 MAX dwindles but manages to still do decent at 1600x1200. At the lower resolution it looks real ugly.

Things only get worse for the G400 MAX as we move onto the Celeron 400. Interesting enough, the performance at 1024x768 is nearly as bad as running at the highest resolution.

Using a K6-III is a bit better than the Celeron but the performance is still probably below an acceptable level of performance. On average it falls way short of all the other cards.

Steer clear of the G400 MAX if you've got a K6-2 unless you like to lag through your Q2 matches. Lets cross our fingers on the upcoming drivers for the K6-2 users.