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Five Years Of Kone: Interview With Roccat CEO René Korte

The Future Of Roccat

Tom's Hardware: So what are your plans with Roccat for 2013 and beyond?

René Korte: This year will be a very exiting one for Roccat. We will release our first mechanical keyboard series with some pretty unique features, like the individual per-key lighting. This is a good example for the Roccat philosophy of developing products. If you build a mechanical keyboard that has a LED under every key, why not make every LED light its own? Why not try to make more out of things you do anyway? It took us a while to develop the Ryos series, but we wanted to make it perfect, and when we release it, I think we'll have the best mechanical keyboard on the market.

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We have the Five Years of Kone anniversary with more special limited editions upcoming, and we will also have the biggest launch in our history to show around gamescom this year. Last but not least, we will launch Power-Grid and step into the arena of software and apps. The PC is moving away from the desk and gets more and more connected to the living room. That’s something that we have an eye on when we think about new products. Using your PC while you’re sitting on your sofa; that’s something where you might see Roccat in the future. I expect 2013 to be the most successful year for Roccat so far.

For the future, our goal is to keep producing the best gaming peripherals money can buy. We will further improve our quality control management.

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Roccat does not exist because there is a market for high-quality gaming hardware. The company exists because we are passionate about gaming. And, as gamers, we want to be able to use the best stuff out there. And if nobody is able to build it the way we need it, then we will build it for ourselves and for everyone out there who requires the same standards.

Expect a lot from us; we have many ideas and a lot of awesome stuff to come.

Tom's Hardware: Thanks, René, we're also looking forward to these products.