Two Portable 500GB Drives Benchmarked (And Dropped)


The ruggedized drives from A-Data and Hitachi are a bit larger than most other 2.5” portable drives, as they have to accommodate mechanisms for cable management and additional rubber cushion crush zones. Our 500GB capacities are sufficient for most users, but we expect 640GB models to be available soon.

A-Data clearly focuses on outdoor users who want maximum durability and flexibility. The manufacturer provides military grade testing for shock resistance and waterproofness. We sunk the A-Data Sport SH93 into water for more than 30 minutes and found it to be well-sealed. A-Data doesn’t provide software add-ons, but its three-year warranty (the same as Hitachi’s) should be a welcome sight for those prone to abusing their mobile tech.

Hitachi bundled the SimpleTough with ArcSoft Total Media Backup, which we found to be a practical backup solution. This isn’t as foolproof as consumer solutions like Rebit, but it is more powerful than Windows’s backup tools. While Hitachi doesn’t note exactly how shock resistent or waterproof the SimpleTough really is, it does seem more than ready for common drops and spills.