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S3 Diamond Viper II Review

Descent3 OpenGL

Here we're switching to the OpenGL API that shows that obviously things are getting worse as the ICD isn't as speedy as its DirectX counterpart. 46 FPS isn't horrible but it's not what you'd expect from a video card in this price range at this resolution and simple complexity. I've omitted the G400 MAX results for D3 because the results were horribly low due to driver issues with this game. I'll have to give the newest Descent 3 patch a while in our next round of testing.

Things get much worse as we raise the resolution mode to 1024x768. The Viper II OpenGL ICD must be optimized for Quake 3 Arena and not for anything much else, yet.

At Descent3's highest resolution setting, the Viper II comes 8 FPS short of the standard 30 FPS minimum framerate. Its competition doesn't have much problem as each NVIDIA card is able to. I would gamble that with refined drivers, this would be a different story.