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S3 Diamond Viper II Review


At low resolution most of the cards are even with the Viper II slightly behind the pack and the G400 MAX trailing off even farther back. There is only one card that doesn't reach the very good rating of over 60 frames per second (FPS).

As we hit the medium resolution in our testing, the Viper II doesn't seem to do well although this is a multi-texturing game. My guess is that the Viper II drivers may need some additional tuning for performance. I really expected the card to take charge under our multi-texturing tests.

Ouch, the Viper doesn't seem to like playing Shogo much as it still doesn't surpass even the TNT2 Ultra board. Note that the GeForce SDR board nearly doubles the framerate of the Viper II. Also keep in mind that the VD3 3500 doesn't run the demo properly as it's missing textures all over the place.