The SiS, VIA and Intel Showdown at the Performance Chipset Corral

Intel 865PE And 875P

The chipset diagram of the 865PE is no different than the one of the 875P.

Intel has made the 865PE and the 875P chipsets available since the beginning of the year. Technically they're not much different from one another, but the 875P officially contains a bypass implanted by Intel called PAT (Performance Acceleration Technology) that is meant to increase memory-access speed.

But in fact it's also possible to activate PAT with the 865 chipset, which Asus' HyperPath, DFI's Super PATCH and others now offer as well.

Intel has also packed its top-dog chipsets with a network interface CSA (Communication Streaming Architecture) so that the bandwidth of the PCI bus is not taken up by network traffic.

In our review, we used the Asus P4C800-E (875P) and the Asus P4P800 (865PE) as reference boards.

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Please click on the image to enlarge.