Sony VAIO Z Series - Connectivity Plus

You’ve heard of Centrino, but this particular one is special — what you expect from Sony.  The 6200 maximizes receptivity through smarter, more strategic use of multiple Wireless-N MIMO antennae.  The result: double the reception range and five times the maximum bandwidth of ordinary 802.11n adapters.  At its peak bandwidth of 300 megabits per second, downloads and video conferences not only take less time but consume less battery power.

Like any Sony, when you get close to VAIO Z Series, it becomes yours.  Your personal network — all the devices you use every day — get more connected, stronger, with integrated Stereo A2DP Bluetooth and an optional SIM card from your choice of Verizon Wireless or Sprint.  Now your personal network space is everywhere.  And now you can even share it, with a built-in mobile hotspot.  It provides 3G bandwidth for yourself and as many as five other Wireless-N PCs in your personal network space, with Sony’s secure ShareMyConnection technology.  My WiFi from Intel, also built-in, enables fast, automatic syncing with digital cameras and smartphones, copying of documents and photos to printers, and streaming videos to digital projectors.

You control it all with one-click confidence, using VAIO Z Series’ built-in Connection Manager and Sony’s intuitive SmartWi software.

Sony VAIO Z Series Backlit Keyboard

If it bears the name Sony, it had better be portable.  You don’t expect a Sony to come apart in your hands.

If Sony VAIO Z Series weren’t so captivating, you might forget you’re carrying it at all.  Sony replaced its heavy, power-consuming hard disk drive with not one, but two solid-

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  • Anomalyx
    I'll pass on the VAIO. They might force a BIOS update that will disallow me from installing Linux.
  • cougarsmitty
    Nice specs, nice layout and an interesting take on graphics. However, Windows 7 Home Premium is why this product won't go far in the business world.
  • r0g
    Preloaded with a metric butt-ton of crap and proprietary as hell - not for me thanks. Hopefully they've mended their ways now but I've always thought of Sony as an all shirt and no trousers manufacturer, and a very expensive shirt at that! If you want a good value laptop Toshiba are cheaper, more reliable and they'll actually sell you spare parts rather than make you use the hideously expensive "authorized" repair shops when it does break. If you want beautiful, don't mind highly proprietary behavior and money is no object get an Apple, they can run windows these days if that's your bag.
  • joelmartinez
    Sony Vaio is a poor hipster's apple (I don't like either brands)
  • cgramer
    I guess I missed the "SPONSORED" part of the headline. Oops.
  • wow, not for the notebooks, but for the text !

    that's not a review, its a love letter ! when they talk about the i3/5/7 intel family!

    couldn't get to the end, too much declared love for me in there !

    and BTW, Anomalyx you're darn right ... and if they change bios and I'm not able to run Linux or FreeBSD ?

    thanks, but no thanks.

  • lsilvest
    1. Since when is Sony associated with quality audio?

    2. Vaio products have a history of bugs and problems, especially with heat in both laptops and desktops.

  • treker137
    Does it come with rootkit pre-installed?
  • flacoman3
    Is this a review or an advertisement?

    "At the heart of every Sony VAIO business notebook PC is the best engineered processing engines the world has ever seen: Intel’s Core i3, i5, and i7 processors."

    "The Sony engineers are charged with this mission: Sacrifice nothing."

    lol cmon seriously can someone actually review this model instead of spending the whole time jizzing all over sony and intel?
  • cgramer
    flacoman3Is this a review or an advertisement?
    It's an advertisement. Note the "SPONSORED" part of the headline. I missed it at first, too. D'oh! :-)