Speedy Notebook Storage with Seagate's latest Momentus Drive

New Model Athlete?

Seagate calls its 2.5" hard disk family for notebooks "Momentus". The name is based not on the word 'moment', but rather the word 'momentum', which implies a type of impulse. And the current product generation, featuring 120 GB and a fast 5,400 RPM drive speed, promises to provide even more impulses than ever before.

The manufacturer is currently offering three different members of the Momentus family. The Momentus 7200.1 provides the highest performance, with capacities of up to 100 GB. On the manufacturer's website, you can also find the Momentus 5400.3 with up to 160 GB, which will not be available on the market for another few months. The Momentus 5400.2 family is current at the moment, and its 120 GB top model is examined in this article. Last but not least, there is a Momentus 4200.2 available in sizes up to 120 GB, intended for low-cost notebooks.

Seagate guarantees all Momentus models for five years. On the mainstream models 5400 and 4200, the manufacturer even guarantees five years, which is above average. Generally, notebook hard disks can be described as more robust than their desktop cousins, because they must tolerate greater stress than desktop models that sit still in home or office PCs.