Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 vs. Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum


The DMX 6Fire 24/96 and the Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum are cards designed specifically for budding musicians who want to make the most of their PC's potential without having to pay a fortune. Of course you can always find professional cards of impeccable quality, but, on the average, they cost just about as much as a standard PC system, if not a good deal more. With the DMX 6Fire and the Audigy Platinum, the user has a wide range of possibilities and multimedia capabilities that the more specialized cards don't offer.

The Audigy Platinum relies on its high versatility and claims to excel in fields such as games, music creation and recording, thanks to its all-purpose DSP. The DMX 6Fire 24/96 focuses much more on recording and music as the hub of the whole sound system. It does not bother with extended MIDI functions, but proves to be a proper card that can record and process 24 bit/96 kHz sound.

Virtually identical in price and target users, the DMX 6Fire 24/96 and the Audigy Platinum try to be attractive in different ways. It remains to be seen which is the best, and for which kind of use.