Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 vs. Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

Vinyl Disk Recording Test

Yet again, the Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 has the lead on its rival. Its rack has a pre-amplified input dedicated to vinyl disk players. On the Audigy, you have to use the rack's mike input or the card's mini-jack input. All you have to do on the DMX 6Fire 24/96 is plug the player's RCA wire in to hear the sound and make recordings. As we already explained, it has a button on the control panel to activate or deactivate the RIAA phono filter on the pre-amplifier.

So, if only for reception, the DMX 6Fire 24/96 is better off than the Audigy. Their software is also unequal in that the Sound Laundry is way ahead, feature-wise, than the Creative Lab Audio Cleanup module. You can modify two parameters for processing clicks and scratches, and two parameters for noise reduction. You can also directly modify bass, treble and recording volume levels, all monitored in real time. The result is obviously in favor of the DMX 6Fire 24/96, both in terms of ergonomics and processing quality and precision.