Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 vs. Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum: The Rack

The Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum comes with a 5.25" inch internal rack, similar to the old Live! Platinum ones. The only significant difference is the addition of an SB1394 port beside the MIdI inputs/ outputs. It needs to be powered through a PC connecter to run it, which is not the case with the DMX 6Fire 24/96. Note that the Audigy rack directly integrates most DACs and ADCs, whereas with Terratec, they are mostly grouped together on the card.

The Audigy Platinum rack has optical and coaxial digital inputs/ outputs, a mike input with volume control, headphone output, an auxiliary RCA analog input, MIdI in/ out ports, an SB1394 port and an infrared port for the remote control.

Note that the Audigy Platinum supports EAX Advanced HP, but, apart from the demos supplied by the manufacturer, there was no game to test how efficient it really was in this respect.