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Lenovo's ThinkPad X230T Tablet PC, Tested And Reviewed

PCMark 7 Results: Comparing Other Tablet PCs

Specifications (Architecture)Lenovo ThinkPad X230T(Ivy Bridge)Asus Eee Slate(Arrandale)Samsung Series 711.6" Slate(Sandy Bridge)
PCMark Overall2773 PCMarks1508 PCMarks2566 PCMarks
Lightweight Score1318 PCMarks1287 PCMarks1994 PCMarks
Productivity Score941 PCMarks1100 PCMarks1409 PCMarks
Video Playback and Transcoding23.05 FPS18.58 FPS23.14 FPS
Video Playback and Transcoding: Downscaling43.79059 MB/s1.23366 MB/s6.64269 MB/s
System Storage: Gaming3.71 MB/s10.62 MB/s13.44 MB/s
Graphics: DX 914.99 FPS3.44 FPS5.67 FPS
Image Manipulation9.56 Mpx/s4.87 Mpx/s4.51 Mpx/s
System Storage: Importing Pictures5.38 MB/s4.69 MB/s22.52 MB/s
Web Browsing and Decrypting / Web Browsing9.62 pages/s5.44 pages/s5.58 pages/s
Web Browsing and Decrypting / Data Decrypting86.10 MB/s28.77 MB/s30.89 MB/s
System Storage: Windows Defender1.27 MB/s4.20 MB/s5.03 MB/s
Web Browsing With 3 Tabs11.38 pages/s6.13 pages/s6.43 pages/s
System Storage: Adding Music1.18 MB/s1.22 MB/s1.38 MB/s
System Storage: Starting Applications2.06 MB/s12.16 MB/s30.98 MB/s
Text Editing0.95 operations/s0.56 operations/s0.57 operations/s

Lenovo's X230T is the performance leader among the tablet PCs we've reviewed. It employs a much faster processor with a 35 W TDP, compared to the 17 W part in Samsung's Series 7 11.6" Slate. In truth, the CPU is only one factor in the PCMark 7 results, though. In our review of the Samsung system, it was able to outperform a faster Sandy Bridge-based notebook, also with a 35 W CPU, specifically because the Series 7 included an SSD.

And thus, storage becomes the real story here. Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture certainly delivers a performance benefit, evidenced by CPU-bound subtests like "Web Browsing with 3 Tabs" and "Text Editing." However, the X230T suffers due to its conventional 7200 RPM hard drive, falling behind in the storage-based tests. Even Asus' Eee Slate, equipped with a low-quality SanDisk P4 SSD, outdoes the X230T.

SSD prices are now falling well below $1/GB, providing ample incentive to upgrade any prospective system purchase. Unfortunately, ordering an SSD-equipped Lenovo X230T is quite costly. You'd be better off performing the upgrade yourself and cloning the tablet PC's disk using a utility like Acronis True Image. At the very least, it wouldn't be difficult to propel the X230T's storage performance to match faster storage subsystems.