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Tigo T-One 240GB Low Cost SSD Review

Real-World Software Performance

PCMark 8 Real-World Software Performance

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Once you move away from heavy workloads, the 240GB T-One performs well enough in the real world.

In this series of tests, Tigo's drive replaces the 256GB Mushkin Reactor. I was surprised to see how close both SSDs came to each other in nearly every test. As a reminder, the Reactor employs MLC flash and Silicon Motion's previous-gen controller.

Total Storage Bandwidth

With our results averaged and converted to throughput, Tigo's T-One falls to the bottom of our chart, outperforming just one other drive.

PCMark 8 Advanced Workload Performance

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We only want to focus on lighter workloads, since that's what these low-cost SSDs were designed to address. Here, the T-One rises to the top when all of the drives are forced to operate with very little idle time between tests.

Of course, heavy workloads tell another story entirely...

Access Time Test

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The T-One fares well when we look at access times from all of the tests combined. This is one of the most important metrics we run, though it's important to remember that premium SSDs report half the latency compared to drives in this chart. 

Notebook Battery Life

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Of the tests we performed on Tigo's T-One, this was the most shocking. Companies spend a lot of time tuning firmware and building circuits to consume less power. Tigo claims this SSD supports the DevSlp low-power mode, but there is obviously a power consumption problem in play.

Chris Ramseyer
Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.