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2005 in review: TG Daily's Top 10 stories

8. Monad: The new command line for Windows Vista administration

DOS isn't really dead, said long-time Windows administrators, so long as we remember the location of the "Command Prompt" tool in the Accessories menu. A whole generation of system administrators learned to manage their enterprises using a command line; indeed, Linux proponents hail the power of their BASH command line. More than a handful of Windows admins took to using something called Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), which was a scripting-based command service that could be implemented from the DOS prompt. A growing number of admins confessed they, at least, somewhat disliked using graphical tools like Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to handle everyday tasks through graphical panel after panel after panel, clicking OK more times in the course of a single minute than they probably blink. So when the rumors of the demise of the replacement for the DOS prompt turned out to be greatly exaggerated, thousands of accredited professionals took notice. And while semi-official statements persist that the Microsoft Command Shell, as it is now known, will never come into full fruition, the truth of the matter is, not only does it exist, but Beta 2 is free, and you can download and install it now, along with .NET Framework 2.0. So while the graphical administrative processes many claim are tedious continue to be the ones you need to know to pass the certification test, a potentially simpler alternative does exist.

Story Link: Monad: The new command line for Windows Vista administration