TrackerPod: Take Your Hands Off Your Webcam


A major drawback of Webcams is that they do not move unless you manually reposition them yourself. However, Eagletron's TrackerPod robotic camera mount offers a hands-off alternative. The system allows for remote panning and zooming of your Webcam with a remote control, from your PC or remotely over the Internet.

Problems With Current Webcams

Most Webcams can capture stationary objects fairly well. You just adjust the Webcam with your hands until the lens points at the object you want to record. However, besides the inconvenience, manual control is ineffective when tracking moving subjects.

Unlike Logitech's Orbit Webcam, which also allows for PC-controlled tilting and panning, the TrackerPod offers a "Surveillance Mode."

The Webcam can be set to move in a pattern. After setting up pre-arranged points, the cam will move itself to cycle through all the points.

Price And Contents

The TrackerPod system has three main parts: The base, the Webcam and the software. The base has all the motors. You can use any Webcam, but TrackerPod gives you a list of preferred models.