TravelStar 7K200 and 5K250 Beat the Band

Drive Comparison Table

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FamilyTravelstar 7K200Travelstar 5K250
Model NumberHTS722020K9SA00HTS542525K9SA00
Capacity200 GB250 GB
Rotational Speed (RPM)7,200 RPM5,400 RPM
Other Available Capacities80, 100, 120, 160 GB80, 120, 160 GB
Cache16 MB8 MB
NV Cache Size--
Warranty3 years3 years

Test Setup

200 GB at 7,200 RPM or 250 GB at 5,400 RPM ? The faster drive is more expensive.

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System Hardware
Processor(s)2x Intel Xeon Processor (Nocona core)3.6 GHz, FSB800, 1 MB L2 Cache
PlatformAsus NCL-DS (Socket 604)Intel E7520 Chipset, BIOS 1005
RAMCorsair CM72DD512AR-400 (DDR2-400 ECC, reg.)2x 512 MB, CL3-3-3-10 Timings
System DriveWestern Digital Caviar WD1200JB120 GB, 7,200 RPM, 8 MB Cache, UltraATA/100
Mass Storage Controller(s)Intel 82801EB UltraATA/100 Controller (ICH5)Promise SATA 300TX4Promise FastTrak TX4310Driver
NetworkingBroadcom BCM5721 On-Board Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Graphics SubsystemOn-Board GraphicsATI RageXL, 8 MB
System Hardware
Performance Measurementc’t h2benchw 3.6
I/O-PerformanceIOMeter 2003.05.10Fileserver-BenchmarkWebserver-BenchmarkDatabase-BenchmarkWorkstation-Benchmark
System Software & Drivers
OSMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Service Pack 1
Platform DriverIntel Chipset Installation Utility
Graphics DriverDefault Windows Graphics Driver