TV on PC: Compro Videomate Tv Gold Plus


The configuration is made easy by a guided procedure, with user-friendly interfaces. In addition to ComproPVR, to control the TV Channels, ComproFM for FM Radio tuning and Compro DVD for DVD features, other bundled software includes Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2SE and VideoStudio 7SE for video editing and authoring.

The connections scheme.

TV Channels - Compro PVR

ComproPVR is the software that controls the TV function. Installation involves the usual prompts requesting the country in which the card is to be installed, and which types of audio and videos cards are available. The stations can then be tuned manually or automatically. The automatic tuning proved to be precise and fast.

Image Quality

The video reproduction is excellent, as is the sound. The card provides noise removal and video smoothing functions to improve the image quality as well as to reduce background noises.

The still image function and snapshot only partially satisfied us, and merits improvement.

This snapshot is not so... "still"!.