TV on PC: Compro Videomate Tv Gold Plus

Power Up Scheduling

The Power Up Scheduling technology allows you to program your PC as a common video recording machine. At the scheduled time, the computer will turn itself on and the TV card will begin to record content fro a TV channel or FM station. To activate this function you will need to disconnect the power switch cable from your mother board and connect it to the TV tuner, which then will allow it to control the turning on and turning off of your PC. The recording features are programmed in a user friendly way on one screen where you choose the channel to record, the format, the source, recording times and the level of compression.


Compro Videomate TV Gold Plus offers a time-shifting feature, similar to those found on satellite decoders with hard disks for real-time playback.

Often, when you are enjoying a movie, you receive phone call at the worst moment. Thanks to the time-shifting-function, you are able to pause the program, which will be recorded in the background. When you return to your faithful PC, you are then able to return to the part of the program where you had left off, and then continue on from that point. Everything is done with simplicity and transparency, and with a couple of clicks.

Compro FM

This software controls the radio channels and interfaces in a similar way as does the ComproPVR. It is also possible to record in WAV, WMA and MP3 formats.

The recording gave us satisfactory results.


Compro Videomate Tv Gold Plus is a good product, rich in functionality, and built with care. The software is complete and easy to use: you'll love the time-shifting feature and the power-up function. While the video reproduction is convincing, Compro should advance the frame capture feature. The video smoothing filter does a good job. But it is a pity that it does not support MPEG4-encoding. The audio quality is decisively good thanks also to a noise-reduction feature. Simplicity of installation and use makes it a good purchase for both enthusiasts as well as beginners.