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VideoLogic Neon 250 Review

Descent3 Results

The Neon takes a beating in the Descent3 test. Although it does 'ok', the competition leaves it in the dust.

Neon struggles to maintain a 30 fps average in this test while the rest of the cards seem to have no problem at all. VideoLogic fans better hope there's room in the drivers for improvement.

How many of this could see this one coming? The Neon isn't going to be the right card to use in Descent3 at this high of a resolution.

The scores for Descent3 in OpenGL were omitted because only the TNT2 Ultra was able to finish any of the testing. The Neon 250 wasn't able to run this benchmark due to the fact that the OpenGL driver is actually only a MiniGL driver that is optimized for Quake Arena.