VideoLogic Neon 250 Review


For the first time a PowerVR based board has made its way into the US THG lab. Sporting promising and innovative new technology, we have high expectations for the board with all the upcoming "hardcore" graphics competition. We need to keep in mind that the graphics industry can be pretty cutthroat with companies like 3dfx, Matrox, ATI, NVIDIA and S3 offering well marketed or stellar performance hardware.

In the case of the VideoLogic Neon 250, we have a board that brings us some new technology, which we will go over shortly. With all these new technologies promising us the world, we have to take into consideration if the card's claims will actually help in our various situations. From what I have read on the PowerVR chip, I expect a very efficient graphics engine but it doesn't mean I think it'll crush the competition in any given application.