WD Brings 250 GB HDDs to Notebooks

Toshiba MK6037GSX (60 GB, SATA)

Here we have the 60 GB version of the GSX family by Toshiba. Again, it uses a single platter, which results in the same energy efficiency as its 80 GB counterpart. And, like the 120 GB model , the MK6037GSX at 60 GB has an amazingly short access time of 16.0 ms. Only 7,200 RPM drives are faster. And again, the transfer rates max out at less than 40 MB/s as opposed to the 45 MB/s that we consider standard in this class. Although Toshiba deploys SATA/300 interfaces, the bandwidth seems to be bottlenecked at 83.5 MB/s - this is something we found with all Toshiba drives. Don't go for the 60 GB version, as the 80 GB version provides better performance.