Webcam Quality Test Shootout

Inside Out Networks - Watchport/V

The Watchport/V, at $199 MSRP, is easily the most expensive webcam of the shootout, but it is meant for businesses and the high end market. Inside Out Networks calls the Watchport/V an "Environment Monitoring Device", rather than a lowly webcam. The visual quality, both in good light and low light, is the best of the group. The webcam is rated for less than one lux operation and you can see the quality in our low-light shots later in the article.

Physically, the Watchport is very customizable. The USB cable can be detached and replaced. This is a great feature as you can use a longer cable if you want the webcam far away from your recording computer. The other webcams have a non-removable cable. An optional lens pack provides three lenses for wide-angle and close-up viewing. Finally, the webcam base can be unscrewed to allow for bolting to another surface.