Webcam Quality Test Shootout

Logitech - Quickcam Orbit

The futuristic Quickcam Orbit by Logitech is the only webcam in this shootout that has mechanical tilt and pan. By clicking the arrows on the control panel, you can make the lens of the webcam move left/right and up/down. When face tracking is turned on, the lens will follow the subject. The tracking isn't perfect, but it works most of the time. If you move too fast, the lens cannot keep up. The lens will move 128 degrees side to side and 54 degrees up and down.

The webcam has very good picture quality in well-lit environments and marginal quality in dim light.

Unlike the other webcams, the Orbit has automatic focus. The lens element is encased in a plastic bubble. All the other webcams have a manual focus ring. The base is the most stable of the group since it is fairly heavy. The cord is nine feet long, which lets you snake it pretty far from the computer.

The Orbit has a unique standoff extension which raises the height of the lens. In most cases, using this extension raises the camera to face level, without the hassles of trying to position the webcam on top of your monitor. The nine-foot cable, which is three feet longer than the non-Logitech webcams, gives you extra room to position your camera.