Weird and Wonderful PCs: Your Stories Part 2

One More Time

You sent me stories about the oddest, coolest, most bizarre, most eccentric or most outlandish PC or PC mod you've ever seen. I thought I'd publish a single story with your weirdest and most wonderful and be done with it. No way! You sent enough ideas for six stories. I'll let it rest after this one at least for a while, but I couldn't resist doing one more. There's still so much to pass on to you. Thanks again to all of you who sent in stories. If your story hasn't been published yet, don't despair, we waste little around here and you'll probably see it some time in the future.

All of the stories and images included here are used with the permission of the author. In some cases, stories were edited for grammar, spelling and brevity.

Cheez-It! The Heat!

From: Trevor Leser

We were upgrading my roommate's computer, and I thought "where could I stick another cooling fan?" then it came to me - use a Cheez-It box to make a duct to utilize the front cooling ducts! Works great, and everyone that sees it can't help but laugh!