Popular PC monitoring tool HWInfo64 can now show FPS and more with onscreen display — full-featured CPU, GPU and system monitoring in new OSD

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Popular PC hardware monitoring program HWInfo64 will soon be dropping Windows XP support. The app's latest beta, version 7.73-5370, no longer supports Windows XP — and has dropped it due to compatibility issues with its newest feature: an OSD. HWInfo64's OSD utilizes Intel PresentMon to display monitoring metrics in-game — including FPS, making it like FRAPS but with full system monitoring potential. The OSD reportedly works in any game engine using DX11, DX12, OpenGL, or Vulkan.

It isn't the end of the world for XP users: HWInfo64 still has legacy builds that are accessible at any time. However, HWInfo64's current version will be the last version to support XP users.

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The best part about HWInfo64's OSD is that it can display any monitoring statistics that HWInfo64 has access to. For example, if you want to monitor your UPS' input voltage right inside the OSD — you can do that. The free version of HWInfo64 will allow a maximum of five items to be displayed on the OSD. The pro version doesn't have any such limits and lets you to run as many items as you want on screen. The OSD can be customized to your liking, with different colors and background opacities assigned to each item on screen. Supported items can also be monitored on the OSD through either a basic numeric metric or a graph.

Beyond OSD support, the new beta has a couple of additional improvements. Sensor monitoring has been enhanced on Asus NUC series PCs and the Asus TUF Gaming Z790-Pro WiFi, while health monitoring has been improved on some NVMe drives connected through Intel RTS.

HWInfo64 is one of the most comprehensive and popular monitoring applications on the market, as it displays almost every single metric that can be monitored inside your PC (vs. similar monitoring apps, such as CPU-Z, GPU-Z, MSI Afterburner, and Task Manager). If you need to check the rail voltage of your GPU, UPS load, or the remaining drive life of your SSD — HWInfo64 can monitor all of it.

It makes sense why users have been requesting an OSD for HWInfo64. With an OSD, users can now monitor sensors inside their PC, in-game, which was previously impossible to do with other monitoring applications. If you're itching to try the new OSD, you can download HWInfo64's latest beta version now.

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  • CelicaGT
    A welcome addition. As long as the overhead remains low I can ditch my current suite of Afterburner and Ryzen Master.
  • ezst036
    Dropping XP, would be nice if they would pick up Linux.
  • Tbonius
    I gave it a try, it's a little finicky, sometimes it would work, sometimes it would only show a couple of the parameters I selected, sometimes it wouldn't work at all. I understand it's a beta, and I think it'll be great when it's worked out.
  • Glike
    Is this an attempt to breakaway from using RTSS with Hwinfo64? As I've always just used those two together for osd info
  • VTBlade
    Erm it already has free osd support for as many items as you want, through rtss?!

    How is this an improvement?