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AMD Announces World's First x86 Quad-Core System-on-Chip

During CES 2013, AMD announced the world's first x86 quad-core system-on-a-chip designed for both tablets and laptops.

The accelerated processing units are codenamed "Temash" and "Kabini" and will be the first quad-core system-on-a-chip processors based on an x86 architecture as opposed to the more standard ARM mobile chips.

Temash is compatible for Windows 8 tablets and convertible tablet/notebook hybrids. AMD said it'll deliver 100 percent graphics processing performance when compared to the firm's previous Hondo chips.

As for the Kabini, it'll be available in both dual-core and quad-core variants, which can be utilized in ultrathin notebooks. AMD noted that it'll offer improved battery life, accompanied by a 50 percent performance improvement when compared to the firm's Brazos 2.0 processors.

AMD also announced it's shipping a new "Richland" APU to manufacturers. It's said to offer performance increases between 20 and 40 percent. A successor based on AMD's 28nm manufacturing process to Richland is planned in the form of "Kaveri", which is scheduled for a release during the second half of 2013.

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