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DangerDen's New Colored Q20 Cases Look Sharp

Friday DangerDen introduced its new Q20 Black Series PC cases for system builders looking for a little bit more color in their creations. The top plate, bottom plate, front grill and back grill are made with colored, transparent acrylic, and mounted to a black 20.75-inch tall tower case designed for standard ATX motherboards. The side panels are clear, but the motherboard tray itself is black.

"The front grill allows the Q20 to have an air filter that can easily be removed and blown off, keeping the dust out of your case," the company said in a blog. "The internal fan shroud can be configured to mount 120-mm or 140-mm fans. If you want to liquid cool you can match the radiator to the fans."

DangerDen offers seven different color configurations as follows:

  • Bipolar - Clear Top & Bottom, Black Grills
  • Nightmare - Black Top & Bottom, Black Grills
  • Bloodshot - Dark Red Top & Bottom, Dark Red Grills
  • Bruiser - UV Blue Top & Bottom, Bright Blue Grills
  • Gangrene - UV Green Top & Bottom, UV Green Grills
  • Abyss - Cobalt Blue Top & Bottom, Bright Blue Grills
  • Phantom - ALL panels are Clear

The case measures 7.3-inches wide and 18.2-inches deep, and supports up to four 3.5-inch internal drives, three SSD drives and two external 5.25-inch optical drive bays. It also supports one radiator with up to three 140-mm dedicated fans, and is compatible with some aftermarket 5.5-inch air coolers.

"Do you want to show off your top of the line video card?" the company said. "You can also have the case configured in the “BTX” (inverted ATX) form factor. If you spend that much money on a video card and liquid cooling block you want people to see it!"

Pricing for the case starts at $269.99 for the BiPolar configuration -- all other color configurations are $20 extra. Customers can also add front USB and audio connectors, single and dual front 5.25-inch bay access, three options for radiator/fan shrouds, and the option to add a Novus Cleaning Kit. For more information, head here.

  • cmcghee358
    I'm not very fond of the single 5.25" bay, and the fact you can only have 2 3.5" HDDs. Honestly, for $269 it's functionality is trash. But I guess it's more about looks. But to me, it looks cheap.

    Also considering the materials are significantly cheaper than steel, for $269 this seems really inflated.
  • cmcghee358
    Oh except everything I said is wrong according to the data in the article. Skimming FTL.
  • cmcghee358
    Sorry I'm flooding this with comments but:

    two external 5.25-inch optical drive bays.

    Where is the 2nd 5.25" bay? There is no room over the one drive pictures, and underneath it is the power button. /perplexed
  • pinkfloydminnesota
    Agree with top post way too expensive. I'll spend close to a hundred for a case but no more, I'm an idiot if I do when great looking (simple black, functinonal) ones can be had for under $50.
  • tecmo34
    Here are the specs...
    - Size: 20.75" Tall x 7.3" Wide x 18.2" Deep
    - Several color options available
    - Motherboard – Standard ATX
    - Supports ATX PSU
    - 4 x 3.5” Internal Drives
    - 3 x SSD Drives
    - Up to 2 x 5.25” Optical Drive Bay
    - Supports one radiator (radiator size based on configuration)
    Up to 3 x 140mm
    - Up to 3 x 140mm Case Fans for the Radiators
    - Compatible With Some Aftermarket Air Coolers - approx 5.5" (14cm) clearance
    - Strong and Durable Acrylic construction

    If you review the gallery on their website, you can see the second 5.25" drive bay below the other one pictured.
  • nikorr
    Bit pricey,...
  • runswindows95
    For $270, rather just pick up the Cooler Master HAF-X or a case worth getting. I mean, no fans installed at all?
  • drwho1
    silly case accompany with an equally silly price tag... who knew.
  • shin0bi272
    cool coloring ideas but I thought that the whole window thing was waning let alone the acrylic case fad. I bought a broadway com corp r900 case for 60 bucks with shipping... its a dual power supply full tower case. The only I issue I had with it was that I had to take off the 120mm side fan to put in my TRUE rt1366 heatsink.
  • youssef 2010
    Who wants to pay $270 or more for an oversized shoe box? not me