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Acer: AMD's XGP External Technology No Good

TechRadar reports that Acer isn't too keen on AMD's XGP external graphics technology. The feelings were conveyed to the website during a query about the release date of Acer's external ATI Radeon graphics card, slated to ship this year. According to the report, it appears that the card has now been placed on the back-burner. In TechRadar's actual words, Acer responded to the query with a "less than flattering description of XGP."

While TechRadar didn't offer a full disclosure of the transaction, Acer apparently still shows some interest in the external GPU technology. "Acer is interested in this solution, but at the moment it doesn't offer the best user experience," said a spokesman for the company. AMD was a little more positive, saying that it was working closely with Acer to bring the XGP product to the market.

"The Acer Ferrari One [netbook], now available for purchase, does include the XGP port," AMD told the site. "AMD demonstrated a prototype solution with this notebook at International CES 2010 in Las Vegas at the beginning of this year."

For laptops without graphical horsepower, AMD's XGP technology (short for eXternal Graphics Platform) could be a huge boost to consumers wanting to play better games or survive the flood of embedded Flash objects littering the Internet. Unfortunately, the XGP market is scarce, virtually non-existent at this present time.