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German Retailer Briefly Lists RTX 3070 Ti PC Build

RTX 3070
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia's RTX 3070 is a great GPU, but the RTX 3060 Ti edges so close to it in performance that it has become the more popular card. But between the MSRP's of the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080, which are supposed to retail at $499 and $699, respectively, there is a big enough gap to squeeze in another card: The alleged RTX 3070 Ti. We've heard of it before, and now it's popping up again. 

German retailer Alternate briefly published a product page listing a Lenovo gaming PC containing this graphics card, as spotted by GameStar. Of course, the product page is now down, and Alternate told GameStar that the information was just a bug. A bug, huh? Sure. Pull the other one.

(Image credit: GameStar, Alternate)

In earlier rumors, the RTX 3070 Ti was said to feature 16 GB of memory, and this new listing shows the same — there's no GDDR6X here, just GDDR6. In fact, we've seen this exact PC before

This large a frame buffer would make the GPU more interesting to stand the test of time, as there are multiple games where lack of VRAM on 8GB cards has been shown to limit performance (if you run at 4K and don't turn certain settings down).

Limited Information on RTX 3070 Ti Specs

So far, we don't have a lot of information on the specifications for the RTX 3070 Ti, nor has there been any official word from Nvidia on its existence. We know from multiple leaks now that there's a good chance that it will feature 16GB of GDDR6 memory, but we don't know anything about its CUDA core count, clock speeds, memory bus sizes, or the lot. 

We also don't know when the card will come out. Alternate listed delivery for the Legion T7 34IMZ5 PC as 'Within 2021,' but that leaves quite a big window. We can also reasonably guess that a 3070 Ti will have at least as many GPU cores as the 3070, but fewer cores than the 3080. Anything more is just speculation.