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AMD Donates $15M of EPYC Processing Power To Fight Coronavirus

(Image credit: AMD)

Having recently joined the COVID-19 HPC Consortium, AMD has created a $15 million COVID-19 HPC fund to equip research institutions with the necessary computing power to find a cure for coronavirus and other diseases.

Research institutions will receive the best of what AMD has to offer – high-performance systems that leverage the chipmaker's core-heavy EPYC processors and speedy Radeon Instinct accelerators. To facilitate the implementation process, AMD is working hand-in-hand with its HPC partners to provide a simple and easy solution to install the HPC nodes.

AMD is also contributing to the "Corona” system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The chipmaker will supply Radeon Instinct MI50 accelerators to fuel the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. AMD estimates that the provided resources deliver almost double the peak system performance, offering extra computing power for molecular modeling.

Access to AMD's nodes is pretty straightforward as research institutiones only have to hit the chipmaker up at to submit their proposals. Additionally, researchers can also submit their proposals directly to the consortium through the online portal. Subsequently, the consortium will evaluate and decide how much computing resources it can provide for the project.