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Gigabyte FM2+ Motherboards Now Support 'Kaveri Refresh' APU

As expected, Gigabyte announced that its lineup of FM2+ motherboards support the latest "Kaveri Refresh" A-Series APUs from AMD. Customers can now reap in the benefits of DirectX 12 and AMD's FreeSync technology, as well as Radeon Dual Graphics tech and AMD Eyefinity multi-display support.

More specifically, AMD's new APU is supported by Gigabyte's FM2+ socket A88X, A78, A68H and A58 chipset motherboards. This support is provided by way of freshly-baked firmware that can be downloaded from Gigabyte here. You can search for your motherboard by category, keyword, or by sifting through a long list.

AMD FreeSync aims to reduce or even eliminate frame stuttering and tearing in games and video playback. For this to work, customers need not only the AMD APU, but a monitor that supports AMD's new tech. Essentially, FreeSync matches the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rates generated by the GPU. Ultimately, gamers should experience visuals that are as smooth as butter.

In addition to the FreeSync technology, Gigabyte also revealed that the motherboards will support the 64-bit version of Windows 10 when the platform launches later this summer. The exact release date of Microsoft's platform is unknown for now, but Microsoft indicated that Windows 10 will be the best platform for PC gaming yet.

AMD launched the "Kaveri Refresh" desktop APU on Thursday with the introduction of the AMD A10-7870K. This flagship processor includes four CPU compute cores, eight GPU compute cores, and support for both FreeSync and DirectX 12. AMD indicated that its new CPU will deliver a "best-in-class" experience for online gaming and eSports.

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