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AMD Ramps Up CPU Production For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

AMD Zen 2 SoC For Xbox Series X (Image credit: Microsoft)

Both adults and kids around the world are expecting the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to land this holiday season. AMD, for one, will be doing all that is within the its power to make sure that the two next-gen consoles stay on track.

AMD had a booming first quarter, having pulled in a revenue of $1.79 billion. Ryzen and Radeon products contributed up to 80.4% of AMD's success while the company's other enterprise, embedded and semi-custom offerings made up the difference. Now that both the Sony and Microsoft's forthcoming consoles are once again using AMD SoCs, the chipmaker can expect improved semi-custom participation down the line.

AMD is the determinant on whether Sony and Microsoft can make the deadline. The chipmaker is providing the next-gen consoles with the best of what the company can currently offer. The devices will leverage AMD's latest Zen 2-powered CPU, which will be accompanied by a matching Navi GPU. Independent of the exterior color, both consoles are repping the Red Team inside.

With the effects of coronavirus pandemic still overshadowing over the entire tech industry, it's easy to see why many would think that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would be likely be delayed. In the recent earnings call, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su stated that "We expect semi-custom revenue to increase in the second quarter and be heavily weighted towards the second-half of the year, as we ramp production to support the holiday launches of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles." 

AMD's commitment to increase chip production is an encouraging sign as it would imply that Sony and Microsoft should receive sufficient chips for their new devices. Barring any external setbacks, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X should be in shelves by Christmas time.

Zhiye Liu
Zhiye Liu

Zhiye Liu is a Freelance News Writer at Tom’s Hardware US. Although he loves everything that’s hardware, he has a soft spot for CPUs, GPUs, and RAM.