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Report: Avexir Promises 3400 MHz DDR4 Memory Soon

Avexir's standard DDR4 modules from OCUK.

Just days ago G.Skill announced its DDR4 memory, which was factory clocked at frequencies of up to 3200 MHz. This is fast, but not quite as fast as what Avexir is promising: 3400 MHz.

XBitLabs reports that Avexir is working on 3.40 GHz DDR4 memory. We’re not sure what the timings will be, as we’ve noticed a trend of slightly higher latencies with the new DDR4 memory. This is likely due to the lower operating voltage, which makes it difficult to keep timings low and frequencies high.

Likely, Avexir would have the modules run at 1.35 V, a little higher than the upper limit of the DDR4 specification, in order to keep the timings within respectable limits. As time goes on we will probably see DDR4 performance improve across the board. At launch, DDR4 will only be supported by the new enthusiast Haswell-E CPUs on the X99 platform, although when DDR4 hits mainstream hardware we’ll probably see the pricing and performance improve.

The report also mentioned that the LED series of modules will be making a return with DDR4.

Availability remains unknown, as does pricing. So far the DDR4 prices we’ve seen are quite steep. We’re expecting DDR4, along with the Haswell-E processors and the X99 motherboards to launch August 29, though something tells us that this memory will take a little longer to come to market.

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