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Corsair Unveils 128 GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX And Dominator Platinum Memory Kits

A couple of days ago, Kingston was in the headlines with claims of having built the fastest 128 GB DDR4 memory kit. Today we're talking about another first – the first unbuffered 128 GB DDR4 memory kit that you can actually buy, courtesy of Corsair. Of course, it must be noted that there are already 128 GB DDR4 memory kits available, but these are buffered and will cost more – though don't let that make you think that these kits are by any means "cheap." Corsair has three 128 GB kits, one in the Vengeance LPX lineup and two Dominator Platinum sets.

The first set, in the Vengeance LPX lineup, comes with eight 16 GB DIMMs that run at 2400 MHz with 14-16-16-31 timings. The Dominator Platinum lineup contains two sets, one with the same frequency and timings as the Vengeance LPX set, and a set that runs at 2666 MHz at 15-17-17-35 timings.

Vengeance LPX 128 GB8 x 16 GB modules2400 MHz14-16-16-31, 1.2 V$1754.99
Dominator Platinum 128 GB8 x 16 GB modules2400 MHz14-16-16-31, 1.2 V$1979.99
Dominator Platinum 128 GB8 x 16 GB modules2666 MHz15-17-17-35, 1.2 V$2119.99

All of the sets run at 1.2 V and have support for Intel XMP profiles, meaning that it's pleasantly easy to get the modules to run at the specified frequencies and timings.

If you're looking for the most "affordable" 128 GB kit, the Vengeance LPX is your best bet, costing a hefty $1,754.99. The Dominator Platinum kits will go for $1,979.99, and $2,119.99 gets you the speediest set. Of course, you'll have to seriously ask yourself whether you need this much memory, because these 16 GB DIMMs come at a hefty price-per-gigabyte premium over the much more common 8 GB DIMM kits.

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