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Intel, Dell Rumored to Sink Money Into Sharp

The Wall Street Journal reports that Dell could be joining Intel in investing up to $240 million in Sharp, while reports coming out of Japan suggest that Intel could be sinking up to $500 million into the display maker. Qualcomm is also believed to be in talks to get a stake in Sharp in return for a sizable amount of cash.

It is widely know that Sharp is in financial trouble. On November 20, Sharp said that it expects to report yet another "extraordinary loss" for the current third quarter ending on December 31.Cnet quoted the company stating that "Sharp is in circumstances in which material doubt about its assumed going concern is found."

However, Sharp has low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) and IGZO display technologies that are critical to the entertainment and PC industry, especially in a time when we expect displays to make a generational leap with much higher resolutions beyond 1080p. An investment from Intel as well as other PC vendors into Sharp, could easily be justified as necessary founding to protect their future business.

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