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Gigabyte Announces Two New Lightweight Gaming Laptops

Gigabyte today announced the launch of two new gaming laptops, one each in the 14- and 15-inch categories. The company is claiming that this pair are the lightest gaming laptops available in their size categories. Lofty claims, but at 4.76 lbs and 3.68 lbs, they're definitely pretty portable. So, what's Gigabyte managed to squeeze into these new, light notebooks?


The 14-inch P34G measures in at 21mm thick and packs Intel's 4th generation Core i7 quad-core CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 760M graphics, up to a 256 GB mSATA SSD and 1 TB in HDD storage, an AHVA FHD 1080p display panel, and a back-lit keyboard.


The 15-inch P35K also boasts Intel's latest 4th generation Core i7 CPU and is the same 21 mm thick. The P35K pairs its Core i7 CPU with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 765M. The laptop uses a 1080p FHD IPS display panel, supports up to 3 TB of storage, and comes with an ODD/HDD slot.

No word on pricing or availability but we'll keep you posted.

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