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Logitech's G910 'Orion Spark' Sparkles With RGB Colors

Despite the fact that Logitech was one of the manufacturers that was a little late to the mechanical keyboard game, its G710+ still captured the hearts of many buyers. Now, Logitech has built a successor to the G710+ with the G910 Orion Spark. This keyboard is designed to complement the G402 Hyperion Fury and G502 Proteus Core gaming mice.

The Orion Spark sports Romer-G mechanical switches (which are not used on any other keyboard according to Logitech) instead of the more commonly-used Cherry MX switches. These switches have an actuation point that occurs 1.5 mm into the key press, while Cherry MX switches actuate at 2 mm. Logitech claims that this makes the keyboard register your key presses 25 percent faster. The keyboard also comes with nine programmable G-Keys that you can access through three different profiles, which gives you 27 macros to play with.

The keyboard comes with RGB LED backlighting, and each key has an LED underneath it that can individually light up in 16.8 million different colors. Through the Logitech software, you’ll be able to set a number of different profiles wherein the backlighting can adjust to your desktop or specific games that you’re playing.

Logitech has also equipped the keyboard with a disable-Windows key switch, as well as the usual media controls and an Arx Dock, which can hold your phone. Rather than integrating an LCD into the keyboard, Logitech built an app for Android and iOS smartphones that can be used to access in-game statistics.

Logitech has slapped an MSRP of $179.99 on the keyboard, and it should be available in the U.S. during the first weeks of November.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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