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PS5 Revision Has Smaller Heatsink and Fan, Possibly Higher Temps

A playStation 5 console and controller
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) console has been one the company's best-selling console models ever, with unit shipments reaching over 10 million in the last month. However, the models you get today may have slightly different components than the one which launched last year. Apparently, the company has quietly updated the PS5 hardware to feature a smaller heat dissipation system.

YouTuber Austin Evans  ordered the newest PS5 revision and compared it to the release model, noting that the heatsink and fan setup are a tad smaller. As you can see in the images below, the heatsink of the original PS5 features much more fins compared to the updated model. 

In addition to a lower number of fins, the new model lacks the copper cold plate that the release SKU features. To complement the smaller heatsink, there is also a smaller fan to push the air throughout the console.

Sony's PlayStation 5 console has been selling at loss for quite some time since its release. However, on August 4th, the company announced that it is selling the new console with profit. And it seems that to maximize those profits, Sony has decided to cut some corners on the console design.

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PlayStation 5 New Revision Heatsink

(Image credit: Austin Evans)

Old (Left) VS New (Right) PS5 Heatsink Design

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PlayStation 5 New Revision Heatsink

(Image credit: Austin Evans)

Old (Left) VS New (Right) PS5 Fan Design

Evans has not conducted any in-depth testing of temperature differences between the old and the new PS5 revisions, but he did measure the fan exhaust temperatures and found out that the new revision is outputting as anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees Celsius higher temperatures. This could translate into some higher SoC temperatures when compared directly between the two SoCs, but we have to wait for some further testing of the newer models to make any major conclusions.