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The Pi Cast Celebrates 10 Years of Raspberry Pi: New Episodes With LadyAda, Eben Upton, and More

Various models of Raspberry Pi in the shape of the number 10
(Image credit: Future)

It’s hard to believe but the Raspberry Pi has been around for almost decade now, having launched on February 29th, 2012. In that time, the Pi has become more than just a computer; it’s the center of a vast community that brings together students, teachers, professionals, and enthusiasts to push the boundaries of technology. On any given day, you'll find professional engineers and IT managers using Raspberry PI it for serious work or makers working on some of the best Raspberry Pi Projects, including robots, AI-driven cameras and smart-home devices. 

As we approach the 10-year anniversary of its launch, we will be exploring the history of the Raspberry Pi and the powerful ecosystem that surrounds it on the next seven episodes of the Tom's Hardware Pi Cast, our weekly Pi-themed show. Broadcast live on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm UTC (UK Time) / 2:30 pm ET, the Pi Cast showcases the latest in Raspberry Pi-related technology and celebrates the best projects. 

Join us as we bring in industry leaders, project developers, and even the original creators of the first Raspberry Pi—Pete Lomas and Eben Upton for a series of special episodes. As always, if you tune in during the stream using YouTube or Facebook, we'll be taking your questions live and, if you can't make it, all episodes are available for later viewing on the Tom's Hardware YouTube channel.

Below, we have a schedule of guests, along with embeds to the broadcasts, leading up to and including the February 28th anniversary episode, which will air on a Monday to coincide as closely as possible with the exact anniversary.

Pi Cast Schedule: Raspberry Pi 10th Anniversary Episodes

1/18/22James AdamsReflecting on the Raspberry Pi Design Legacy
1/25/22Alan O'DonohoeAll Things Raspberry Jam
2/1/22Richard HaylerBlasting Off with Astropi
2/8/22Tim RichardsonPi Wars Steps into the Octagon
2/15/22Paul Beech (Pimoroni) and Limor Fried (Adafruit)Behind the Scenes with Raspberry Pi Resellers
2/28/22Eben Upton and Pete LomasRaspberry Pi 10th Anniversary Special

Episodes and Guests

All episodes air on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm UTC / 2:30 pm ET, with the exception of our February 28th broadcast with Eben Upton and Pete Lomas. 

January 18: Raspberry Pi Designer James Adams

James Adams

(Image credit: Raspberry Pi LTD)

James Adams brings 9 years of Raspberry Pi experience to the table having been a part of the design team behind the Raspberry Pi 2. He’s currently the Chief Operating Officer of Raspberry Pi Ltd and works as a hardware lead for board developments. Adams will be digging into the Raspberry Pi design process and showing off a few prototype boards. 

January 25: Raspberry Jam Founder Alan O'Donohoe

Alan O'Donohoe

(Image credit: GitHub, Alan O'Donohoe)

If you love the Raspberry Pi, you’re going to love Raspberry Jam—a network of events inspired by former Computer Science teacher Alan O'Donohoe who started the event in 2012.

 Raspberry Jam brings Pi fans together from all over the world to share their projects and discuss all things Pi. Alan will be joining us to share his experience with Raspberry Pi Jam and explore its impact on the Raspberry Pi community. 

Feb 1: Richard Hayler Talks Astro Pi

Richard Hayler

(Image credit: Twitter, Richard Hayler)

Raspberry Pi Programme Manager Richard Hayler has taken everyone's favorite single-board computer to new heights with Astro Pi. This project is responsible for putting a two, custom-built Raspberry Pi boards on the International Space Station where they run programs written by students. Richard joins us to share a glimpse at the history behind this space-faring Pi project and talk about future projects including "Mission Zero."

Feb 8: Talking Pi Wars with Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson

(Image credit: Pi Wars)

Tim Richardson and Michael Horne are the masterminds behind Pi Wars—a non-destructive full scale robotics competition with a variety of challenges for makers to overcome. 

Pi Wars is open to makers on a global scale and is known for bringing plenty of makers with clever designs. Tim will join The Pi Cast to tell all about the experience, history, and future of Pi Wars. 

Feb 15: Limor "Ladyada" Fried and Paul Beech of Pimoroni

Adafruit and Pimoroni are the two most important creators of Raspberry Pi-related products, including a slew of HATs, add-on boards and kits. Adafruit Founder Limor "Ladyada" Fried and Pimoroni Co-Founder Paul Beech join us to talk about their favorite Pi products and what's next.

Limor "LadyAda" Fried

(Image credit: Adafruit)

Limor Fried, also known as LadyAda, is the creative force and founder of Adafruit—one of the most well-known microelectronics manufacturers around. They not only sell Raspberry Pi products but also produce a variety of custom boards of their own. 

Paul Beech

(Image credit: Twitter, Paul Beech)

If you need Raspberry Pi accessories, odds are that you can find what you need at Pimoroni. Paul Beech is a co-founder of this popular Raspberry Pi reseller and will be joining us to share his insights as a vendor for the Pi, microelectronics accessories and exclusive Pimoroni products. Beech is also the designer behind the Raspberry Pi logo.

Feb 22 TBD

Feb 28: Raspberry Pi Founders Eben Upton and Pete Lomas

The first Raspberry Pi went on sale on February 29th, 2012. Since that's a leap year we won't experience in 2022, the official anniversary date is February 28th, a Monday. On this special episode, we will talk with Pi Cofounders Eben Upton and Pete Lomas, who will take your questions live.

Pete Lomas

(Image credit: Twitter, Pete Lomas)

Pete Lomas is the co-creator of the Raspberry Pi. Without Lomas, the Pi wouldn’t be what we know it as today. According to Pete, his original intention was to create a platform that would help open students to the world of software and hardware based electronics development. He joins us with co-creator Eben Upton to celebrate the Raspberry Pi’s 10th anniversary. 

Eben Upton

(Image credit: Eben Upton)

Eben Upton is the co-founder of the Raspberry Pi and active CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd. What started as a small scale initiative that delivered 10,000 Pis to Cambridge University students has gradually grown into a global community. Upton joins us for the 10-year anniversary to elaborate on the experience and celebrate its successes.