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Razer Cortex Software Coming In September, Beta Available Now

On Monday, Razer jumped into the game booster bandwagon with the launch of Razer Cortex, a new entry in the company's software portfolio. Razer plans to launch Cortex on September 10. However, interested Razer fans can get early access to the beta by signing in with their Razer ID here.

The free utility consists of four components: "Games," "Deals," "Boost" and "Share." The "Deals" aspect means that the software will scan the most popular downloadable game stores and provide users with the best price. Users can also create wish lists, which will alert the user if the game goes on sale.

On the "Deals" main screen, users will find "Deals of the Day," "Promotions," "Editor's Picks," "New & Noteworthy," and "What's Hot." "Deals of the Day" currently highlights Titanfall ($29.99), Battlefield 4 ($29.99) and Borderlands 2 ($19.99). "Editor's Picks" include Shogun 2, Back to the Future: The Game, Titanfall and two others. The "Deals" window also provides "Latest," "All Games" and "Wishlist" subcategories.

"Razer's 10 million global users will get a competitive edge on the best deals across their favorite stores such as Amazon, Gamersgate, Gamestop,, Green Man Gaming, Steam and Origin, with more to come," the press release said.

The "Games" window shows all your locally-installed titles. However, switch over to the "Boost" window, and you can tweak the operating system, defrag the game folders, download the latest drivers for your GPU, turn on the FPS tracker, and push game saves to a Dropbox account. Users can also boost processes, services and more.

Finally, the "Share" portion of the Razer Cortex software allows gamers to take screenshots of gameplay (Ctrl + Alt + P) as well as video (Ctrl + Alt + V). The video section has settings for the save destination, the video resolution, the video quality and the audio record device. Screenshot settings include image type and save location.

Razer's upcoming Cortex software should be a handy tool for gamers wanting to squeeze every drop of performance out of their gaming rig. The Deals aspect is also rather interesting, making the search for a good deal extremely easy.

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