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SK Hynix Begins Manufacture of 18GB LPDDR5 Memory Packages

SK Hynix
(Image credit: SK Hynix)

SK Hynix has started volume production of the industry's highest-capacity LPDDR5 memory package. The new device features a 18GB capacity and is designed primarily for high-end smartphones as well as laptops that are powered by system-on-chips which support LPDDR5.

SK Hynix's 18GB LPDDR5 module integrates multiple memory devices and supports a data transfer rate of 6400 Mbps, the highest speed bin supported by the LPDDR5 specification. The new LPDDR5 memory package sees an 11.7% increase in capacity when compared to the previous 16GB modules.

SK Hynix does not disclose which fabrication process it uses to manufacture LPDDR5 memory devices for the 18GB LPDDR5 SDRAM package, but it is highly likely that it uses one of its latest technologies.

One of the first devices to use SK Hynix's 18GB LPDDR5-6400 memory module is the Asus ROG 3 gaming smartphone. Eventually, the same package can be integrated into laptops or tablets with 18GB or even 36GB of memory.